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Whitebird 5’8, 7'8 & 8'2

The Whitebird range expands with the arrival of three new sizes.

Two larger boards at 7’8 and 8’2 offering an excellent balance between accessibility and performance for Lightwind wing and sup foil downwind. The third additional size is a smaller 5’8″ for even more compactness.

Whitebird 7'8 & 8'2

Following the same design DNA as the popular Whitebird 6’6 and 6’8, the larger Whitebirds offer an intuitive and accessible board. 
The hugely versatile Whitebird 7’8 and 8’2 offers a perfect balance between stability, accessibility, glide and easy take-off, even for the bigger riders, which will surely feed a wider addiction to lightwind Wing and unlocking SUP foil downwinders.
Length for glide with a moderate width for support, these boards are perfect for endless Downwinds whilst also surfing incredibly well, even in very smallest of waves.

Enjoy taking off far outside on unbroken waves and revel in the board's manoeuvrability and direct feel to surf all the way to the shore break.

Whitebird 5'8

The Whitebird 5’8 furthers the design trend of highly efficient longer, narrower shapes while keeping compactness ideally suited for wing foil. The Whitebird 5’8″ offers many advantages for surfing waves in light wind conditions, including its efficient, quick glide,its maneuverability and its rewarding versatility.
The 5’8” Whitebird allows high performance foils with smaller surface areas to be utilised in a wider range of conditions.

This makes it an ideal choice for riders who love to carve, enjoy the waves and go fast, even when the wind is light.

How to choose

Wing foil programme

Level ≤80kg >80kg
Beginner WB 6’6 WB 6’8
Intermediate /
WB 5’8 WB 5’8

Programme Sup foil / Downwind

Level ≤70kg >70kg
Beginner WB 7’8 WB 8’2
Intermediate /
WB 6’6 WB 6’6

Technical specification

Whitebird 5’8

Length 5’8
Width 20”
Volume 85L
Weight n/a

Whitebird 7'8

Length 7’8
Width 22”
Volume 130L
Weight n/a

Whitebird 8'2

Length 8'2
Width 23”
Volume 145L
Weight n/a
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