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UHM Masts

Better connection — better masts

Boosted performance. Heightened sensations. Total control

Building on the expertise of our Performer UHM masts, the goal of this new design was to push all boundaries and provide even more sensations while gliding. Each size has been uniquely designed.

Choose the one

Available in 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, and 95 cm, the UHM carbon mast is ready for all disciplines: surfing, downwing, wing, kite, and SUP.

The plate is directly integrated into the mast. It can be connected to virtually any board on the market equipped with the double US rail system.

Ultimate shape

The UHM masts are designed with an ultra-thin profile and reduced chord, which allows for pure gliding and optimal rigidity.

Despite their thinness, these masts offer perfect control of flex and twist. This rigidity ensures precise steering and flawless control of the foil for maximum sensations.

chord  120 mm
thickness 14.3 mm
Old — Performer UHM

chord  115 mm
thickness 13.5 mm

New — Performer UHM

The chord of these masts has been reduced compared to the Performer UHM masts.

In comparison, an aluminum mast with equivalent rigidity measures approximately 19 mm and weighs twice as much. This results in a reactive, smooth, and playful foil.

Their shape is the result of a perfect equation between minimal thickness, reduced chord, and lightweight yet rigid construction.

Super stiff

Our UHM masts are made with a high-end multi-layer UHM carbon construction, which gives them exceptional lightness and rigidity.

In fact, UHM carbon fiber is up to twice as rigid as standard carbon fiber. Thanks to these characteristics, we can use less fiber to achieve superior rigidity, resulting in a lighter end product.

The term UHM, which stands for Ultra High Modulus, refers to carbon that has a higher Young’s modulus than standard carbon, allowing it to maintain its shape under stress without deforming.

Fuse Link

This system is based on a tapered assembly for a connection of the mast around the fuselage, preserving the inertia of the latter.

Lightweight and maintenance–free

Similarly, you will no longer be bothered by marine aggressions such as corrosion that could weaken it.

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